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Pro is tailored for users looking for a website, updated daily by, but also want to personalize it themselves by adding their own content and comments, fuel their email newsletters, automate their social media posting, and have access to tons of curated content.

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Starter is best for beginners who want a website, updated daily with great content from, but don’t have the need to customize it with their own content.

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Create a web presence or enhance your own website with your curated content - Learn more!

Your own website in 5 minutes, updated daily
Fully customize your webpage
Add your curated content to your blog or website
Integrate custom widgets, videos and images
Add personal comments to articles
Pin articles to also stay on your paper
Connect a domain (example:
Remove advertisements
Collect great content
Social Network content aggregation
Website (RSS) content aggregation smart content and advanced queries
Number of sources 25 25
Add other articles to your paper, on-the-fly with our bookmarklet
Control content before sharing or publishing (draft mode)
Find more content in the exploration engine
Automate sharing on Social Media

Attract prospects and build community by sharing content tailored to their interests - Learn more!

Share your webpage automatically
Share your top article automatically
Share your webpage or its new content on your business page
Drive traffic to your site by sharing articles with a custom call-to-action overlay. See example

Easily create beautiful newsletters, powered with your curated content - Learn more!

Send your newsletter via or Mailchimp
Customize your newsletter look and feel
Embed a subscription widget on your website
Add your own message to subscribers

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose over building my own website from scratch?

The challenges with creating a website from scratch are the time, effort and content needed to complete it, as well as to keep it active and updated. With you’ll have your stunning website in 5 minutes, complete with content on the topics you choose. And with our curation technology, we’ll update it every day with the best content from the web. But don’t worry, you can also make it your own by customizing images and links, adding comments and pinning posts. But with a fraction of the time.

What’s the value of Pro compared to Starter?

Pro is for users who want to have a role in personalizing their paper. In addition to more sources and more content, you can also comment, pin, add links and images to your paper. There are also more channels like email newsletters, and more automation like auto-publishing to LinkedIn and Facebook.

How do I upgrade?

Click the main menu icon (top left), sign in and go to the homepage to see your list of papers. Click on the "Upgrade" button of the paper that you want to upgrade.

Can I be sure my credit card information is safe? is Level 1 PCI DSS certified for the highest levels of payment security. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a data security standard for organizations that handle credit and debit card information. This standard is defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and was created to increase controls around credit card data and reduce fraud via its exposure. You can learn more about PCI compliance here.

How can I downgrade to the basic/free service?

You can easily cancel your subscription and downgrade at any time from your account settings. Follow these instructions for step-by-step help. Once you cancel, your subscription will end after the active billing cycle, and your paper will automatically convert to the basic/free service.

Can I get a refund if I downgrade?

You can downgrade at any time, but we do not offer pro-rata refunds on a partial month (or year) of service that you have already paid for. See Charges and Billing section in our Terms of Service.

I purchased the News Page app for WIX. Is it the same thing as your stand alone service? has two distinct products: a News Page app for WIX and our “stand-alone” service. The News Page app for WIX costs 9 USD/month and is purchased through WIX. This app allows you to install a news page on your WIX site and is 100% compatible with a WIX website. As the app was developed in collaboration with WIX, it is a separate product from our stand-alone service. Learn more about the benefits of the News App for WIX.

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